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Becoming great in sales, management or presentations - all those three are actually more intertwined than one might think at first. They all depend on effective communication skills. We teach you the steps and give you the tools to build them.


What people say about our services

"I worked with Harun and Przemek on the PITCH! sessions for startups at Google for Entrepreneurs and I enjoyed our cooperation a lot. They were extremely devoted to this program, shared private time to make this happen. The content they've prepared based on the community feedback was very relevant and presented in a professional, but also funny and creative way. I had full confidence that they took care of every detail of each session. I'm looking forward to our further cooperation."

Paulina Mazurek
Program Manager at Google
Sales Public Speaking Interactivity Relaxed athmosphere Professionalism Comprehensive strategy Tailor-made training The Best

"There are a ton of young professionals with awesome ideas out there nowadays, who deserve to be successful. The only problem is their hesitant attitude towards active sales - i.e. they're sitting in the office all day "aggressively" waiting for the phone to ring. Przem, Livia or Harun will teach you how to get results and be aggressive in sales, but you learn to do it in a way that your customers will always tell you a sincere "thank you" in the end - wether they buy or not."

Mart Roben
Designer of Learning Materials / Chemistry
Sales Communication Technical tips Professionalism Replicability of skills Relaxed athmosphere Very Good

"Trust, analysis of needs, a proposition concerning the possibility of solving a problem, confirmation, closure. Przemek's calm and velvety voice wins your trust. By the means of clever examples Harun complements the story about the techniques and behaviour of a good salesman. The workshop conducted by him is like sitting in a comfortable armchair with a mug of coffee and a great book. You imbibe every paragraph and do not control time. I recommend it!"

Szymon Kubicki
CEO at - We design Internet of Things and mHealth devices.
Sales Communication Public Speaking Interactivity Professionalism Relaxed athmosphere Technical tips Very Good

"Guys have great expierience and knowledge but the thing that makes their trainings great is ability to connect. To understand their audience and to adapt. Keeping it simple: they are just great trainers."

Bartosz Józefowski
Manager of startup acceleration programme: KPT ScaleUP
Sales Public Speaking Communication Professionalism Interactivity Relaxed athmosphere Very Good

"I highly recommend workshops by Northstar Consulting. Przemo and Harun changed the way I operate."

Magdalena (Pradelska) Dutkiewicz
Marketing Pro @diabdis
Sales Public Speaking Interactivity Getting involved Comprehensive strategy Tailor-made training Professionalism The Best

"When I came for the first meeting (Pitch!) with Przemek and Harun I was a bit like "I will be another boring training". I was very, very wrong! It was an extraordinary experience where I learnt a lot of useful and helpful skills and tricks that I could use in my personal and business life. Very practical, useful and a lot of fun!"

Maciej Rys
Founder and Leader of Smogathon
Sales Communication Public Speaking Interactivity Relaxed athmosphere Getting involved The Best

"Harun and Przem had a well considered plan for the training. The course was full and technical tips and good practices taken from their experaince. They showed great skills in teaching - using different technics to make us remember and practice what we were learning. The course went beyond the classroom, as the trainers were eager to help us tacle our very specific challanges in terms of Sales and Communications that we face in our product. I took a lot of knowladge and practical skills.I highly recommend NorthStaronsulting."

Marta Ryłko
Product Owner at Brainly
Sales Public Speaking Communication Technical tips Professionalism Tailor-made training The Best

"I would highly recommend Northstar Consulting, as the communication and workshops atmosphere was excellent. Guys do feel what is essential in today's sales. Great skills. Thank you."

Marcin Stępień
Founder at, Software Engineer at
Sales Public Speaking Communication Professionalism Replicability of skills Getting involved Tailor-made training The Best

"I was impressed by Harun's experience and the way he runs his trainings. Harun showed us many usefull and simple details which will be very usefull during public apperances."

Andrzej Rabsztyn
Founder, co-owner and CEO of hyperCREW Sp. z o.o, innovative new media agency
Sales Public Speaking Communication Interactivity Very Good

"I had the possibility to attend the Pitch! program organized by Przemek and Harun. They put their heart into it and made those 10 evenings the most useful moments of my week. Thanks to their professionalism and entertaining lectures I must recommend their trainings to everybody! 10/10"

Dániel Kassai
Developing business ideas
Sales Interactivity Tailor-made training Professionalism Relaxed athmosphere The Best

"PITCH Program was definitely the best workshop I've ever attended. Everything was professionally prepared by Harun and Przemek. Presentations were very well prepared and valuable. The atmosphere was excellent and coffee was great too. Guys, the only advise I can give you is: "Keep on organizing such great events!""

Michał Śmiałko
Founder and Head of Engineering at Prismake
Sales Professionalism Relaxed athmosphere Getting involved The Best

"I was taking part in PITCHProgram and this event was simply mind blowing! The guys made me think about selling process as if it is an art. And well, it is a kind of art. But what is a sure thing is that both Harun and Przemek are pure artists in terms of creativity and professionalism of the workshops they had left. I highly recommend them to anybody interested in developing your selling and communication skills."

Marcin Maciejewski
CEO in Mofables
Sales Public Speaking Communication Professionalism Interactivity Getting involved Comprehensive strategy The Best

"I fully recommend training and consulting by Harun and Prem. I have known both of them as high-calibre professionals who know what they are talking about in terms of sales, comunication skills, IT&Design and online marketing. If you see them in action, you will see the difference."

Michaela Ulicna
EMEA Recruitment Partner - HR & People Operations at Google
Sales Public Speaking Online Marketing Communication Professionalism Interactivity Tailor-made training Very Good

"One of the best, if not the best workshop I've ever attended. It was simply impossible to go through a meeting without learning at least one useful trick. Usually there were plenty of them. I feel that my sales skills increased tenfold."

Konrad Madej
Frontend Dev at Flowbox
Sales Public Speaking Communication Professionalism Replicability of skills Getting involved Replicability of skills Getting involved The Best

"It was one of the most important trainings in which I participated. Przem and Harun are professional salespeople and trainers. 10 sessions in Pitch Program totally changed my way of looking at sales. I honestly recommend workshops with them, you won't regret it!"

Kamil Budzynski
Founder of ARIOS - Augmented Reality Mobile Applications
Sales Public Speaking Communication Professionalism Technical tips The Best

"Amazing young team with great communication skills. Whatever they present, do it perfect - I saw them during Cebit 2013, their show really caught attention"

Iza Skolimowska
Public Speaking Communication

"Great lectures! The tips were extremely valuable and upgraded our pitch"

Dany Weissberg
Co-Founder and CEO at VoiceItt
Sales Public Speaking Communication Professionalism Interactivity Technical tips The Best

"It was very interesting trainning. I was impressed by Przemek's practical knowledge of sales techniques and way he runs trainning. It was simply impossible to go through a meeting without learning. I feel that my sales skills increased."

Konrad Dąbkowski
Fit Coach
Sales Communication Professionalism Relaxed athmosphere Interactivity Very Good

"I met Harun as Sales and pitch Advisor during the workshops at the Telekom Innovation Contest 2014, and well, I won. His training sessions made me able to understand strong points and weak points of my work, and I also found his way of interacting with the participants very receptive and engaging regarding our need for insights. Meeting him really boosted my awareness of the sales context."

Luca Barboni
Growth Hacker ♢ Content & Community Specialist ♢ Data Analyst
Sales Public Speaking Professionalism Technical tips Getting involved Relaxed athmosphere Interactivity The Best

"To put it briefly: pure awesomness! I had a time of my life organising PITCH! Program with Harun and Przemek. They're extremely pro and devoted to our project, so everything went super smoothly. They're also super experienced and charismatic, so both gave great talks and I've learnt a lot during the program.I would recommend them to everybody who wants to develop her/his or her/his organisation's skillset."

Katarzyna Gola,,
Sales Public Speaking Business Financing Professionalism Technical tips Getting involved Relaxed athmosphere Comprehensive strategy The Best

"I had lots of sales courses in my life but what I saw during your presentation was outstanding lecture with very practical and applicable advises. Implementing the techniques I learned during helped me a lot during the last months to have great results in my career. I warmly recommend to anyone to use every chance to hear this guys, they are THE BEST !."

Filip Petrovski
Consultant at Closer
Sales Communication Public Speaking Interactivity Professionalism Getting involved Technical tips The Best

"The NorthStar team is great! They have improved my communication, public speaking and sales skills significantly in the shortest period possible. And all of this in an interesting and funny way, without any stress. Two thumbs up!"

Kruno Milicevic
Vice dean for education at Faculty of Electrical Engineering J.J. Strossmayer University Osijek
Sales Public Speaking Communication Comprehensive strategy Getting involved Professionalism Relaxed athmosphere Interactivity The Best

"A great experience and a superb workshop. I would highly recommend training and consulting with Harum and Prem. It is by far the best workshop i have attended."

Davor Vinko
Assistant Professor at Faculty of Electrical Engineering J.J. Strossmayer University Osijek
Sales Public Speaking Communication Comprehensive strategy Getting involved Relaxed athmosphere Interactivity The Best

"Simon is a great lecturer, I can only recommend him, in the short time which we had together he answered all of our questions and explained what is the best way to handle certain situations."

Michal Kacerik
CTO at SaferPass
Sales Comprehensive strategy Getting involved Relaxed athmosphere Replicability of skills Very Good

"Very useful workshop that provides useful information in relaxed and friendly atmosphere (attended on Telekom Innovation Contest in Krakow, 2014). Highly recommendable!"

Kresimir Grgic
Assistant Professor at ETFOS
Sales Interactivity Technical tips Relaxed athmosphere The Best

"I attended Harun's and Przemek's Sales training on TIC contest and I was impressed. It was easy to follow, fun and informative. If given a chance, I would attend it again."

Luka Olvitz
Shimadzu d.o.o. at S
Sales Technical tips Relaxed athmosphere The Best

"Simon and Fred were amazing! Helped us to realize what sales are all about. They helped us realize our weak spots and work on improving our sales pitch. Great speech, relaxed atmosphere, best advice one could get. Our team was truly amazed, and we hope we meet you guys again. Was a pleasure! Definitely deserves our best recommendation. 10 stars! Thanks!"

Davidovic Aleksandar
Co-Founder at InShape Online
Sales Professionalism Interactivity Getting involved Technical tips The Best

"I participated in sales training for e-commerce. Przemek has professional knowledge and sales skills. I really like him american style and communication skill too. The atmosphere was relaxed and time went quick. I recommend North Star Consulting as a good coach."

Paulina Sawicka
Head of Sales at
Sales Interactivity Getting involved Technical tips Interactivity elaxed athmosphere The Best

About us

Some things that you should know

There is nothing like a born communicator, presenter or a salesperson - those are learned skills that anyone can gain.

Sales, on the other hand, is not only about the product, price or contracts, but more about effective communication, ability to present well and convey ideas as a CEO, manager or an employee. We are the best examples.
We took our experience from the american corporate culture, brought it to Europe, adapted it and built 6 different successfully running businesses on the European market. Now we share that practical experience with local and global corporations helping them to increase their sales, communication, management and marketing efficiency.
  • 135Total years of experience
  • 13countries of operations
  • 3,132Satisfied clients
Beside trainings for corporations we are really active on the startup scenes from Estonia through the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, mentoring and coaching individual startups as well as working with various startup incubators, accelerators and technology parks to help them achieve their goals.

Our mission is to help you become independent and self sufficient.

This is why we implement statistic based metrics and monitoring systems to assess your team's performance and be able to adjust it if and when needed.

Feel free to contact us and we'll work out a plan for your
company - adapted to your time, size and budget.

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Sales is a learned skill - it's nothing you are born with! First you have to learn the process of sales, the technical skill and then it's the hard-wired habits of mediocrity and laziness that one has to root out and change in order to build a winning mindset that can accomplish great things. Most people simply have no idea how to do this. But this kind of skills and mindset is in high demand nowadays.

Communication in Management

Everyone wants to work in a harmonious work environment. Every leader, be it a CEO, director or a manager, wants to lead with respect rather than fear, whereas employees want to be heard and understood. The way to do that, is to create an effective internal communication system, starting with improving the interpersonal skills of individuals and the way that they interact.

Sales Management

Puting together a great sales team is very demanding and keeping them on the right track takes a lot of effort and energy from each sales manager. Efficient Sales Management is based on three pillars: Sales Skills – Sales Metrics – Sales Attitude. Each process has to be set up properly and be replicable to allow smooth adaption of new team members to the existing enviroment.

Presentations and Pitching

Coming up with a unique solution or inventing a great product does not make your company instantly successful. What's missing is the ability to deliver the ideas behind your product with the right energy and enthusiasm to your audience - clients, partners or investors. A great pitch is very exciting to watch and at the same time sells certain points that help your company become successful.

Critical Communication and Negotiation

All companies with customer service face challenging discussions with clients, upselling, solving issues or even calming down the unsatisfied clients. Just like the initial sales skills, dealing with existing customers must be effective to help them stay loyal to your brand. Creating clear strategy for crisis communication and negotiation can help you bring your company closer to your client.

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CISCO T-mobile Intel Google Capgemini Brown Brothers Harriman KLM dotpay HRN u2i HOUR SOFTIP KPT Małopolska Cracow University of Technology Cracow University of Economics PARP

Our team

Who we are?

Przemyslaw Simon Stanisz

Founder and Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Przemek/Simon has over sixteen years of experience in sales and managing his own businesses. He spent five years as a salesman and manager for an American company. He was a Coach in Sales of more than 500 people in the United States. As far as achievements, he was a Top European salesman of 2006, Leader of the 10th sales team in Europe in 2006‏, Record Holder in sales for Poland. He applied the sales skills and success principles learnt in the USA and (co-)founded multiple successful businesses and brands on the European market, held presentations and speeches in various organizations including Stanford University via the US-Polish Trade Council.

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Harun Osmanovic

Founder and Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Harun Osmanovic has close to fifteen years of sales experience in bilingual environments and has conducted training for hundreds of people in various organisations and helped dozens of companies with their sales process and presentation skills. He's given courses and conferences at the Jagelonian University, French business schools as well as for private entities like the Krakow Technology Park. His career in sales started in direct sales in the USA. Harun has a strong passion for teaching and public speaking which comes from his early days as Radio Host in France. He has an MBA from St John's University in New York. Harun is an avid reader, passionate about photography, art and street art.

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Erik Wesner

Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Erik is a Respected mentor, sales and business coach. Author of "Success Made Simple". Featured in, WallStreet Journal, CNN Money, TIME Mag, MSNBC, New York Post, Washington Post and many more. Record breaking salesman for Southwestern company where he worked as a sales manager. Coached and trained hundreds of people throughout USA and Europe.

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Livia Handlovicova

Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Lívia has fifteen years of experience in Sales and Sales Management for a 160-year-old American company, the forerunner of today's processes of direct sales in the US. For the past 6 years, she was responsible for building the company in Slovakia. Coached thousands of people in Sales, developed top performers all over Europe. As far as achievements, she was the #1 Rookie European salesperson of 2005, Leader of the #2 sales team in Europe in 2006‏, Record Holder in overall Sales in Slovakia She has a Master's Degree in Economic and Financial Math from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. In her free time, she enjoys yoga and long-distance running, she has completed 6 half-marathons so far.

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Katrin Kiviselg

Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Katrin has thirteen years of experience in direct sales, recruiting and training salespeople. She spent 7 years as a sales person and a team leader for the oldest direct selling American company. After that she spent 6 years working for a worldwide fashion brand and opened up markets in Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Moscow etc. She has trained sales people in Canada, EU and Australia. Has organized and led sales conferences and has performed in front of crowds of multiple hundred people. Has been on a cover of Estonian business magazine Director. She also has a coaching background that is helpful when it comes to one on one training and selling.

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Kristi Martin

Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Kristi holds M.A. degree in law and her main field of expertise past 7 years has been business development in direct sales companies. She started her sales career in 2006 in American direct sales company as a sales representative knocking on doors and was ranked as No 1 European first-year dealer. After 5 years of direct sales, combined with recruiting, training, coaching and leading of sales teams she helped to build up and was running a direct sales company providing B2C sales services in Estonia for companies like Alexela Energy, USS Security, Coop, Tele2 etc. Past 4 years she was responsible for the legal side and international operations for worldwide custom suit brand LGFG Fashion House, helping to open up markets in Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Argentina. She is unique combination of a person who is “fluent” in all processes company needs to manage in order to operate internationally and grow its business.

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Jerome Freytag

Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Jerome has over 20 years of experience in sales and general management. An MBA graduate from ESCP-Europe, he spent seven years as a salesman and manager for an American company. He was a Coach in Sales of more than 500 people both in the US and Europe. For several years, he was Top France salesman and Leader of top sales teams. Jerome went on to manage sales-oriented businesses as a top executive and an entrepreneur, leading organizations of 1000+ people. For the last 3 years, Jerome has had a full-time consulting activity including Direct-Selling and B- to-B sales. In his free time, Jerome practices Aïkido.

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Romain Rebour

Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

Romain is a young entrepreneur focus on ramp-up team of IT and Sales organisations. Graduated from IAE Business School of Lyon, he focused on IT consulting and outsourcing abroad, mainly in Central Europe. From Business Developer to Sales Manager passing by Service Delivery Manger, he opened his scope of technical competencies by focusing on quality software delivery and SLAs/KPIs achievement. Based in Czech Republic and Poland, he helped Fortune 500 firms to build teams of 10 to 200 FTEs for 5 years. Romain co-founded a Software House in Krakow, Poland, and a Foundation named the French Tech Cracovie labelised by the French government, and providing advices to the startup ecosystem of Poland. He is now fully dedicated to the support of SMEs and major companies in their internationalization in Central Europe and their sales strategy. Romain is passionate by technologies, engineering, and practicing Saxophone in his spare time.

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Romeo Man

Marketing automation expert

Romeo is an experienced marketer and sales person helping companies increase their marketing efficiency. By optimizing the used marketing channels he is capable of significantly increasing the size of trafic, with that the number of leads coming to the company and finaly transfering them in perfect time to the sales team. He is a HubSpot, Google and Salesforce certified expert who will bring the most out of your marketing investment.

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Andrej Juriga

Cultural Intelligence expert

Andrej is a cross-cultural trainer, intercultural consultant and the first CQ (Cultural Intelligence) facilitator in Central and Eastern Europe certified by Cultural Intelligence Center, Michigan. He has developed strong cross-cultural competencies while living and working in four different countries across Europe and Africa. He has a background in Sales and in HR at a national and global level. During his professional career in various multinational corporations he has developed a strong understanding of various national and organizational cultures and their implication on business behaviors. As a cross-cultural trainer and mentor he helps individuals and organizations to improve their capability to work effectively across cultures. He holds a master degree in German and Latin-American culture as well as the master degree in higher education and pedagogy. He studied at universities in Slovakia, Austria and Spain.

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Adam Sarama

Corporate Sales and Strategy Expert

Adam has fifteen years of professional experience, gained in multinational environment within Manufacturing (FMCG, Graphics Art) and IT industries. Specialty: International Business Development, Startups, Strategic Consulting. Worked with many Fortune 500 companies, providing solutions supporting their growth. Built Sales Departments for Global Companies, now focusing on Sales Consultancy

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